National Institute of Fashion Designing was established in the year 2002.
Within a short span of time, the institute acquired tremendous growth and popularity and considering its benevolent output the Government of Orissa recognised it as regular academic institute and the Utkal University of Culture bestowed an affiliation to offer Degree courses in all three prime disciplines viz. Fashion Design, Interior Design and Textile Design.

The Institute through out this upheavel stood as a pioneering and trend-setting Institute in the spectrum of Fashion, Textile and Interior Design. The nifd fashioned to accomplish the two fold objectives, promoting fashion attentiveness, and to meet the budding need of the industry for trained, conscious and industrious professionals. Within a short span of time, it has already matured to be a pan-regional organization of formidable reputation and fame.

The nifd has become the forerunner of a design revolution. Its commitment for promotion of a Fashion creed have been acknowledged by the people, professionals and also the media. The nifd is more like a rainbow, whichever angle you look at it, there is a different advantage. It is meant for those who have dreamt of joining the mesmerizing fashionable world and for those who inclined to become fashionable themselves.

The nifd promises to formulate its students as genuine professionals equipped with an integrated and diverse personality. The Institute has nurtured the skills and creativity of these juvenile designers and twisted their dreams into veracity.

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In a fast changing environment, it is quite imperative that, the confident younger mass is a bit confused while deciding their career. The time is over, when the parents as well as the wards could think of a carrier either in Medicine or Engineering or in becoming a Civil servant. One cannot afford to keep ones choice limited while every sector has become competitive. Moreover, because of the exposure of the society to the world through internet or television channels, the future generation is aware of the vast alternatives available to it.

The Fashion Designers profession has recently emerged as one of the most sorts out careers among the youths. These youths have their own creative style of dressing and believe in setting a trend rather that following a trend set by others. A career in Fashion Design, Textile Design, Interior Design not only involves meeting glamorous people and interacting with rich and famous but also gives a impetus to the creative flair of the people who possess a sense of style.

I would like to leave this message clear and a loud to all those who are concerned about their career, that, the time has come to take a bold decision and look for education and training which would take them closer to the design industry.

The right choice, right training and right environment are the keys to a successful career.

I invite you to take this opportunity and get into these courses and leave us to build your career.

Sandhya Pattnaik